Dr. Maureen Buckley
Dean, School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences provide an excellent preparation for living and working in our increasingly complex, globalized world.

Social Scientists focus on understanding human behavior. Though the general focus is the same--understanding why people do the things they do--the complexity of human behavior requires a wide range of approaches and methods to understand it.  This is reflected in the range of departments and programs that comprise the School.

A degree in social sciences prepares you for many jobs. But more importantly, it prepares you for a career and a life. Skills such as creative complex solving, critical thinking, intercultural skills, applied knowledge in real-world settings, written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work with others are not only fundamental to many positions and roles i life, but are skills and abilities most frequently cited by employers.

Students in Social Sciences will find:

  • Faculty dedicated to student success
  • Opportunities to gain hands on real-world experiences
  • An emphasis on community engagement supported by internship opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate in and contribute in faculty research
  • Socially conscious/socially active faculty and students